Why Gatlinburg Recovers?

Why Gatlinburg Recovers?

February 2022:

As of this writing, the Smoky Mountain Wildfires of 2016 have now been over for 5 years. Since then, we have indeed rebuilt almost all of the man-made structures that were lost, the mountains have regrown the flora and fauna that was burned, and the recovery that named Gatlinburgrecovers.com has well established itself. The memories of those nights are fresh in our hearts, but occupy a different place and time in our minds. Gatlinburgrecovers.com was conceived as another avenue for which fans of our community could see that the community was not done. We were down, but not out. We wanted to encourage people to see the status of where we were after the fires and encourage them to come back at the appropriate time. That mission is now long since accomplished.

So why is our URL still “Gatlinburgrecovers.com“?

The first answer to that is that changing URLs for a website with several years of great visitation we’ve been blessed to receive is more costly and complicated than it might appear. The second answer is that we have continued to dedicate time to posting on Gatlinburg and related or nearby things and the aforementioned viewership has placed us in search engines above our expectations, while the subject of the wildfires and recovering from them is still of interest to many locally, nearby and much further abroad. Is it hard to believe that thousands would still be interested in knowing if Gatlinburg is recovering after wildfires from 5 years ago? Maybe not, I myself remember seeing for months afterward individuals posting and sharing that Gatlinburg itself burned down completely.

Recovery is synonymous with change and modernity. As of December 2021, Gatlinburg Recovers becomes Gatlinburg Today while still recognizing the legacy of the event, the efforts made, and the generosity of others that helped us continue to thrive 5 years and more later.

Thank you for reading our little backstory here. We hope you are able to see Gatlinburg continues to evolve with the times and find something here that would inspire you to visit!

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