Dollywood’s Big Bear Mountain Rollercoaster

Dollywood’s Big Bear Mountain Rollercoaster

As sort of a “in case you missed it”, we gleefully remind you that Dollywood’s newest rollercoaster Big Bear Mountain is now open and taking riders ready for a new thrill in Tennessee’s greatest amusement park!

From Dollywood’s official brochure:

Voted Best Kids Area 2022 – Golden Ticket Award

Dollywood’s Largest Single Attraction Yet!

It’s almost time to venture into the Smokies for an unforgettable adventure aboard Dollywood’s largest attraction, Big Bear Mountain. Ned Oakley, Wildwood Grove’s resident wilderness explorer, knows a thing or two about this hidden land and is setting up the Adventures Outpost Base Camp, located just a stone’s throw away from the Grove’s Hidden Hollow. Here, you’ll join Ned in his specifically-outfitted, four-wheel drive SUVs for the ride of your life in search of Wildwood Grove’s most storied and elusive inhabitant, Big Bear.

Big Bear Mountain Ride Facts:
* Dollywood’s Longest Coaster at 3,990 ft.
* Maximum Speed of 48 MPH.
* Ride Duration of 99-104 Seconds.
* 66 Feet at Highest Track Elevation.
* Three Launches.
* 20 Passengers Per Train.
* Onboard Audio.
* Minimum Height Requirement of 39 Inches.”

The rollercoaster in action:

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