Interactive Attractions In Gatlinburg

Interactive Attractions In Gatlinburg

One of the great things about vacations is how they naturally encourage exercise as part of the experience without it necessarily being the chore it gets regarded as when we’re not on vacation. Vacationing in Gatlinburg can be a great way to get calories burning as you enjoy the many things we have to enjoy here. Need to get to the Ole Smoky Moonshine Distilleries? It’s a not-difficult-and-good-for-you walk to get there. Want to check out the Ripley’s Aquarium and see all the worlds’ oceans brought together in the mountains? You’d have walked a mile at least before you’re done in there. Check out the shops up and down the main strip? Includes elevation differences and a little bit of hustle that will help develop them calves!

Of course, you can also take the trolley to get most places in Gatlinburg, but still, we’re a city that’s designed to encourage some physical activity. To that end, for those who want their kids, and themselves, to have fun in the highest city of the Tennessee Smokies while activating more physical movement and caloric burn in the process, we also have several interactive attractions that we can recommend in such an article as this. And because this IS an article such as this, recommending those interactive attractions in Gatlinburg is what we will do.

Let’s look:

* Activate Games *
631 Parkway B10, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
(865) 325-2280

Official Description:
“Activate offers high-tech games that test your team’s physical and mental agility across a wide variety of real-life challenges. Once inside, you and your team choose from hundreds of combinations of games and difficulty levels, each lasting one to three minutes. Your electronic wristband tracks your score and progress throughout your experience making Activate perfect for a casual night out or intense competition. From touch-activated climbing walls to laser mazes, this live-action experience caters to all skill levels, ages 10 and up. With 45 inside our gaming arena, groups of three to five will experience action, competition, strategy and pure fun. Check out our 10 different micro-arenas below and begin planning your next visit to Activate, America’s first live-action gaming experience.”

* Break Out Games *
631 Parkway Suites A9, A10, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
(865) 325-2230

Official Description:
“Breakout Games – #1 Escape Room in Gatlinburg has thrilling escape rooms with a variety of game themes that are perfect for having fun with your friends, family, or even a team building exercise with your coworkers. Our company is a leader in the escape room industry and you’ll experience the difference when you visit us in Gatlinburg. We look forward to welcoming you to escape ordinary at our escape rooms.”


* Gatlin’s Escape Games *
716 Parkway Unit 214, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
(865) 430-8680

Official Description:
“Solve puzzles, conquer challenges, while experiencing adrenaline pumping surprises around every corner. Work together in a 60-minute race against the clock to escape Gatlin’s Escape Games.


* Masters of Magic *
Enter into the Realm of Illusions, a mystic venue known as the “other side of magic,” where truly powerful magic takes place.

* The Legend of Atlantis *
An epic, story-driven journey that puts you in an Indiana Jones adventure, full of Hollywood-quality set pieces with special effects.

* Moonshine Hill Hootenanny *
Small Paw Sampson ain’t havin’ no part of Big Maw Bertha’s hootenanny tonight for her secret ‘shine recipe, so you’ll hafta be crafty to break into Maw’s shack and blow her ‘shine still to smithereens!

* The Haunting of Hyde House *
One group of guests is about to have an eerie, unforgettable experience. Left alone without their tour guide, they’ll become trapped in the house and learn the truth of dear, sweet little Isabella’s untimely death.

* Curse of the Kraken’s Eye *
In Curse of the Kraken’s Eye, your team will enter Captain Blackheart’s ship and come face-to-face with his devious devices. Through the prison room, cannon armory, and captain’s quarters, you will race against the clock to solve the captain’s tricks. Succeed, and you will earn the Kraken’s Eye and save your town. Fail, and you’ll become a permanent crewman aboard the Siren’s Fury.”


* Gatlin’s Laser Tag and More *
716 Parkway # 219, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
(865) 436-2326

Official Description:
“In the largest arena in the Gatlinburg area, prove you are a sharpshooter with a friendly game of laser tag. Our 3000 sq. ft. arena features sentry pods and home bases that fire back! We offer brand new, lighter vests and the latest phaser technology to help you shoot your way to the top of the leaderboard. We recommend this attraction for children over the age of 5 and at least 44 inches tall.

After you are outfitted and briefed, you will be led up into the laser tag arena, which occupies most of the second floor area of Gatlin’s. The arena is laid out like a maze, providing plenty of hiding places and “camping” spots for you and your teammates. The black lit atmosphere is filled with pumping music and swirling lights, creating an exhilarating setting. You are welcome to check out the arena with your child prior to playing to make the younger children comfortable with the arena prior to playing.”

* Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! *
800 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
(865) 436-5096

Official Description:
“The weirdest place in Gatlinburg is back and better than ever with an ALL NEW experience. Get up close to a car completely covered in crystals, see a dragon made out of recycled scrap metal, check out the National Anthem on license plates from the 50 states, you will not believe the beautiful Last Supper artwork made out of lint! Three stories filled with more than 500 exhibits, artifacts, and oddities from around the world. Human and animal oddities. Exotic primitive items, including authentic shrunken heads and cannibal skulls, mind-boggling visual illusions, and a fascinating array of the most unusual and weird stuff in all of Gatlinburg, TN. Ripley’s Odditorium is the weirdest place in Gatlinburg and is ALL NEW! With hundreds of exhibits there is something fun for everyone to interact with, learn, and enjoy!”

* Gatlin’s Rugged Ropes Adventure Course *
716 Parkway # 219, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
(865) 436-2326

Official Description:
“Come take towards the sky on our brand-new high ropes adventure course! Gatlin’s Rugged Ropes Adventure Course is the first of its kind in Gatlinburg. Adventurers, while safely harnessed in an overhead track, will be able to climb three stories in the air to face thirty-eight challenges including rickety bridges, suspended ropes and other balancing obstacles.

The law of gravity doesn’t apply here, just your skills, agility and precision. The course is a blast whether you are a seasoned international trekker or an adventure newbie: special athletic ability is not required. Kids of all ages will love it. Even grown-up kids. The multi-level aerial obstacle course is a challenging and fun experience for the whole family. With our Rugged Ropes Adventure Course, you can work together for team building or enjoy it as a solo adventure.”

* Amazing Mirror Maze *
919 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
(865) 436-4415

Official Description:
“If you’re looking for fun things to do in Gatlinburg, TN you’ve found the one stop shop for everything! Amazing Mirror Maze is home of Gatlinburg’s favorite and largest Mirror Maze & Indoor Mini Golf Course.”

* Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze & Candy Factory *
623 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
(865) 430-1834

Official Description:
“Hey! Who’s that good looking person in the mirror? That’s you! You’ll come face-to-face with your cute mug over and over as you attempt to find your way out of our labyrinth of mirrors and LED lights. Don’t worry, we send search parties every half hour. Bring the family for a day trip, or stay all weekend. Candy lovers rejoice! Ripley’s Candy Factory has got hundreds of your favorite candies, from old-time classics to the latest treats that are sure to appeal to any sweet tooth. We’re located right inside Ripley’s Mirror Maze.”