Additional Attractions

Additional Attractions

Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre
Gatlinburg’s premiere theater for serious comedy and theatrical entertainment enthusiasts, Sweet Fanny Adams has had 35 successful seasons in town with no signs of slowing down! If country music isn’t your thing, come to Sweet Fanny Adams for comedy stylings in the vein of Monty Python, Mel Brooks, and more.

Arcadia – Planet Fun
25,000 square feet of arcade fun in the center of Downtown Gatlinburg with the Space Needle above, 145 redemption games, Lazer Runner arena, Old Tyme Photos, Pizza parlor and shows. What more do you need to know?

Gatlinburg Ziplines
Few things are more thrilling to modern men than soaring through the skies and Gatlinburg Ziplines gives you the opportunity to see and experience the Smokies like you never have before! This is one of the most adrenaline-filled attractions you can find in Sevier County, and it’s well worth the visit no matter what time of the year you come to town.

Christ in the Smokies
Formerly “Christus Gardens”, this is one of Gatlinburg’s oldest and most dignified attractions. Christ in the Smokies is a museum dedicated to the story and portrayal of Jesus Christ with over 100 life-sized wax figures and the famous “Carrera” face of Christ.

Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts
The reason the city is here – The Arts and Crafts Community is famous throughout the country as being the largest collection of independent artists and artisans in The U.S. Potters, painters, broom-makers, fine restaurants, sculptures, sketchers and incredible stores of all kinds could take days to see in full.

Hollywood Star Cars Museum
You know you’ve always wanted to see the Batmobile up close and personal, and at Hollywood Star Cars Museum, you can do that alongside the Ecto-1, the Flintstones car, The Munsters Drag-u-la, The Beverly Hillbillies Jalopy, and cars from famous films/TV shows in history, like Charlie’s Angels, The Fast and The Furious, Fast Five, and even vehicles owned by Elvis Presley, Bob Hope and Dolly Parton. Over 40 authentic cars!

A Brit of Magic With Keith Fields
Gatlinburg does have a small vein representing a UK culture in the area, and that small but pleasant vein grows with the entertainment of Keith Fields – world champion street magician who has appeared on Broadway in New York, London’s West End, Las Vegas, and apparently even had Robin Williams as a warm-up act. How many entertainers like that do you get to see in the Smokies?

Appalachian Ghostwalks
Are you into the darker side of the night? Got a thing for local folklore? Come check out the Appalachian Ghostwalks of Gatlinburg where you can experience remnants of the seedy past and relive the mysteries that quite literally haunt the mountains. Some people have even captured ghosts on film (this writer included!)

Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster
After becoming a big hit on Wears Valley Road, the people who own the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster brought one to North Gatlinburg to add a new unique attraction for visitors to enjoy. Come soar through the hills of the city like never before!

Hillbilly Golf
Now here’s a mini golf course with some creativity – how many other putt-putt places require you to take a tram ride up the incline of a mountain to get to? This and the decor and design of the course set Hillbilly Golf apart, and you and the young ones will have a mountain of fun to fit the surroundings. 340 Parkway Gatlinburg, TN 37738. (865) 436-7470.

Motion Ride Theater
The Venturer Motion Ride has literally been a Smash Factory in Gatlinburg for almost 20 years. Ride through a gravity-defying rollercoaster in SPACE, slide through an entire planet made of ice, or a factory that produces nothing but pain. At Fort Fun at the top of Reagan Terrace.

Mysterious Mansion
Gatlinburg’s oldest haunted house built on the site of an area known to locals to gather spirits (it is reported to be genuinely haunted), Mysterious Mansion glows in the night like a bad omen and glowers in the daytime to all who venture near it. Visit next time you’re in town, but don’t visit alone!

Gatlinburg Craftsmen Fair
A special event so large, Gatlinburg has to throw it several times a year! Arts and Crafts enthusiasts better make some big plans, because the Craftsmen Fairs are HUGE – taking place in the mammoth W.L. Mills auditorium in downtown Gatlinburg and routinely featuring over 100 artists and artisans from East TN and way beyond.